"Leslie is a constant source of well-researched and current knowledge on all things lactation and pharmaceutical topics. She is brilliant and consistently challenges herself to stay abreast (pun intended!) of new research and alternatives. But perhaps more importantly, Leslie is a kind and caring soul who is deeply committed to helping every mom reach her goals, whatever they may be. She empowers others to believe they are strong, capable, and worthy, which is such a gift throughout the lactation and motherhood journey. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Leslie to anyone!"

— Lisa S.


"Leslie is incredible! Her compassion for others shines through as she goes above and beyond for her patients. She is an active listener and is always thorough and comprehensive with her response. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it – with research/evidence to back it up. She is my expert when discussing medications and how they relate to breastfeeding."

— Angie C.


“I always know I can trust Leslie’s opinion and LOVE that she is an expert when it comes to medications and breastfeeding. She has been so kind, patient, and generous with her time, and I so appreciate it.”

— Hannah O.